Push Button and Optics

Bouton tactiles et optiques IP67 à IP69K
B22 and B30 Series
Capacitive technology luminous bicolor touch control button

Immunity to water splashes
Momentary, bistable or timed feature
Up to two electrical contacts
B30S BYW - Touch sensitive machine control button diameter 30mm
Works with protecting gloves EN388
Electrical contact does not trigger with water
Capacitive technology
KB100 - Illuminated touch control button with capacitive technology
Capacitive technology luminous bicolor touch control button

250 VAC lighting switch in the premises
24 VDC machine control
Request for stop/opening for public transport
KOB 308 Series
Optic technology luminous bicolor touch control button

Immunity to water splashes
Activation without contact
"Momentary, bistable and time-delayed" functions configurable on PC
Touch button access request with tricolor lighting

Detection through a glass wall or lexan
Contactless detection up to 40 mm
LED light ring controllable red, green, orange
KOB 508 - Touch button with optical technology
Illuminated touch button with optical technology

Touch activation, wide range of detectable material
Easy detection anywhere on the button
PC-configurable "momentary, bistable and timed" functions

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Advantages of our plastic material TR90UV :
The European Union has set the conditions for the use of polymers in contact with foodstuffs in Directive 90/128 / EEC and subsequent amendments such as 02/72 / EC. According to these directives, the product TR90UV meets the standards for contact with foodstuffs. The EU Directive has been transposed into the national laws of European Union countries and Switzerland. Materials can only come into contact with food if their various ingredients (additives, lubricants, etc.) are themselves permitted.
The qualities of the TR90UV product meet EU directives for repeated contact with food. TR90UV meets the requirements of the ISO 10993 (EN 30993) standard for prolonged contact with the skin.

• Excellent resistance to climatic aging
• Very good transparency
• Exceptional dynamic resistance
• Very high chemical resistance
• Very high resistance to stress cracking
• Very high impact resistance

Advantages : Force Zero

• Capacitive touch control button for limiting TMS in hygiene-controlled environments
• The products are insensitive to splashing water and washing under pressure
• Tricolor LED lighting (red/green/orange or blue/yellow/white) with or without external control
• Button with momentary action, bistable, delayed on call or fallback, according to reference
• Connection to terminal without screw, cable or M12 / 8p male cord. Females cords M12/8p FKT-
5M, FKT-10M, FKT-15M are optionally available on request
• One or two electronic contacts on closure or opening
• IP 69K touch protection and IP 67 at back for cable versions, IP 40 for connector version