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Providing greater protection from injury to machine operators and maintenance personnel. COMITRONIC / BTI has always been ahead of its competitors by providing major technological innovations. For more than 15 years, we have developed safety switches and relays grace to our own research and development office and engineers. We have been the world's first manufacturer of multi-coded non-contact safety switches. The dense network of domestic customers and foreign distributors gave us the advantage to design and market many innovative and customized products. They are installed on machines for safety and monitoring in a wide variety of industries.

Our products include coded non-contact safety switches in rugged plastic and stainless steel housings rated for washdown and corrosive atmospheres, contactless interlockings and a wide variety of safety relays. They comply with the latest safety standards and approvals, and help to reduce the machine downtime due to faulty switches.

The company, the manufacturing plant and its R&D department are located in France, in the suburb of Paris, which provides us with a faster response time in case of after-sales service and market, and quality is totally under control.

Distribution of electrical and machine safety devices by the company COMITRONIC

Creation of the R&D company BTI (manufacturing and design plant)

Own designer and producer of safety components, Implementation of the the Acotom® process (non-contact mutli-coded safety switches), Creation of the range: stainless steel, stand and non-stand alone, relays.

Distributed in more than 35 countries worldwide,
Our customer-driven solutions are wanted for all the specific applications which can not be fullfilled with the usual products

New technologies involved: contactless coded interlocking devices, RFid access control, power line carrier, touch-sensitive buttons...
Certification ISO 9001:2008 of BTi in regards of all the quality efforts made in the production and design.



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