RFID tag reader with 8-bit outputs for PLC

22.5mm DIN rail enclosure with removable terminals
Economy of cabling (8 outputs for 255 functions)
No programming

Life cycle: 20 years

Max activation distance: up to 45 mm

Contact: 8 x 200 m APNP for 8-bit format

Detection encoding: 16 million

Indicator: 8 LEDs indicating the pathways activated

Reset: no

Mounting: symmetrical DIN 35mm rail after DIN 50022

Mounting: IP 54 electrical enclosure

Material: PA6

Electrical connection: Maximum 14 AWG (2.08 mm²)

Temperature: -15 °C to +60 °C

Marking: label + serial number for traceability

Option: badge nail, screw, plate screw, key chain, card ... etc.


Application examples :

- Secured control of robotic tools or machines to avoid errors and incompatibilities.

- Keyed to blend Bigbag, tank, container contents

- Automatic sorting of products in harsh environments, without color or brightness or shape constraint

- Monitoring of batches (sleds, pallets, trays ... etc.)

- Production monitoring

- Selection of recipes for ready meals

- Operating mode and selective acknowledgment

- Tracking the authorization of operators in maintenance, production and regulation

- Access control store

- Replacement of a switch/selector in humid, dirty, aseptic environments

170,00 €


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