B22 and B30 Series

Capacitive technology luminous bicolor touch control button

Immunity to water splashes
Momentary, bistable or timed feature
Up to two electrical contacts
  • Number of cycles: 100 million at 200 mA
  • Standard activation distance: 0 mm
  • Remote activation on demand: 1.5 mm
  • Electrical contact: 1 NO, 2 NO, 1 NO + 1 NF, 400mA/24V
  • Features to choose from:
  • ON/ON = momentary and protection against fraud. The action is canceled if the finger or an organic material is present longer than 5s
  • ON/OFF = bistable. One pulse switches the contacts and another pulse places them at rest
  • ON/duration/OFF = delayed stop 90s "timer" feature (other value on request)
  • Offset ON = delayed start. To confirm the request the button must be held for 350ms (other values on request)
  • Indication by bicolored LED with effects:
  • Version "VR" solid green and flashing red
  • Version "BJ" solid blue and flashing yellow
  • Version "VSR" green shimmer and flashing red
  • Bicolor LED indication by external control: version "OL"
  • Sensory indicator for the visually impaired: B30H with vibrator and B30Z with buzzer
  • Body color: black, gray, white, red, opal green, yellow, green
  • Attaching B22: M22 screw thread with nut and seal provided
  • Attachment B30: M30 screw thread with nut and seal provided
  • Material TR90UV
  • Food contact: yes
  • Resistance to washing: yes
  • Anti-vandalism: yes
  • Electrical connection: 3m cable 
  • or 50cm cable with M12 connector (UL20549 PUR) or 1.5 mm² 
  • screwless connector or 0.5mm² 
  • screw connector
  • Waterproofed version CC: IP 69K
  • Waterproof version CV: IP 69K 

Application example :

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Shape : concave (CC)
Contacts : 1O - 1O1CL - 2O - 2OL
LED : Blue Yellow White (BYW) / Blue Yellow (BY) / Yellow Blue (YB)
Action : Bistable (T) - Timed (D1-D2-D3T10)
Body : Yellow (YW) - Red (RD) - Green (GN) - White (WE)
Output : MKT220 / MKT4
Options : Buzzer (Z) -Vibrator (H) -Braille (BR)
Picto : ON on red body / OFF on green body / Other white Picto

And buttons : "ON", "OFF", "RESET" and "OPENING LIMITED TO 10MN"

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