KOB 110T Series

Dual technology optical/capacitive luminous touch secure stop button

Activation by contact, wide range of detectable material
Great ease of detection anywhere on the button
Bistable function with timed lock release
  • Service life before dangerous failure: 40 years
  • Activation distance: on contact
  • Electrical contact: 2 PNP NF 200mA (NO powered off)
  • Detection of short circuit in the wires: yes
  • Detection of abnormal function: yes
  • Indication mode "on": solid red LED ring
  • Indication mode "off": flashing red LED ring
  • Indication mode "error": timed offset red LED ring
  • Trim color: red
  • Opal green color enables lighting of the ring
  • Attachment: 51mm bore and 2 to 6 D3 invisible screws (not included)
  • Very low visible thickness
  • Mounting position: 1
  • Material TR90UV
  • Food contact: yes
  • Resistance to washing: yes
  • Anti-vandalism: yes with the new 2015 generation
  • Electrical connection: 1.5mm² screwless connector without
  • Water resistance: IP 67 with peripheral silicone seal
  • Temperature: -25°C to +60°C
  • Printing: screen printing for the reference on the back of the product
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