AMX - Safety Switch stand alone

Controls the position of hazardous machine doors/cases with integrated self-checking

Contactless coded sensor with electronic technology and relays
IP68 PA6 / IP69K INOX316L
Performance level and category without external controller: Cat 3 PL=d according to ISO 13849-1
Performance level and category with AWAX controller: Cat 4 up to PL=e
Integrated safety level: SIL 2 according to IEC 61508



  • Level of performance without an external controller: PL = d
  • Level of performance with AWAX controller: up to PL = e
  • Safety category without an external controller: 3
  • Safety Integrity Level: SIL 2
  • Cycle after dangerous failure: B10d = 2,000,000 at 2A
  • Max. activation distance: 10 mm, 2 mm hysteresis
  • Security contacts / diagnostics AMX5 / AMX5CM12 : 2 x NO 2A / 48V redundant / 1 x PNP 250mA auxiliary
  • Security contacts AMX4: 2 x NO 2A/48V redundant
  • Security contacts / diagnostics AMX3 : 1xNO 2A / 48V redundant (2 series contacts) / 1xNF 250mA auxiliary
  • Detection encoding: mono-code inviolable
  • Indicator: LED indicates code recognition
  • Reset: automatic
  • Attachment: 4 tamper-proof M4 screws (optional ref: BH4)
  • Mounting position: 2 (double wall brackets)
  • Material: PA6 or INOX 316L mirror polished (AMX3-OX/AMX5-OX ?or PC (AMX5CM12)
  • Electrical Connection: 3, 6, 12m (UL2464 PVC) or 50cm cable with M12 connector (UL20549 PUR) (ref + MKT) or M12 metal base (AMX5CM12)
  • Water resistance: IP 68 (PA6) or IP 69K with stainless steel - new generation
  • Temperature: -25°C to +60°C
  • Marking: PA6 pad printing + serial number, INOX316L laser engraving with mechanically punched serial number for permanent traceability
  • Certification: TÜV Rheinland 01/205/5238/12
  • License Test Mark 968/EL 214.01/12

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AMX3 :



AMX4 :



AMX5 : 


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2-5514-2-amx-etl.png AMX3/3M Safety switch stand alone 85,00 €
2-5514-2-amx-etl.png AMX3/6M Safety switch stand alone 94,00 €
2-5514-2-amx-etl.png AMX3/12M Safety switch stand alone 104,00 €
2-5514-2-amx-etl.png AMX3/MKT Safety switch stand alone 118,00 €
2-3967-2-amx5oxnoul.png AMX3/OX/3M Safety switch stand alone 207,00 €
2-3967-2-amx5oxnoul.png AMX3/OX/6M Safety switch stand alone 216,00 €
2-3967-2-amx5oxnoul.png AMX3/OX/12M Safety switch stand alone 224,00 €
2-3967-2-amx5oxnoul.png AMX3/OX/MKT Safety switch stand alone 238,00 €
2-5514-2-amx-etl.png AMX4/3M Safety switch stand alone 91,00 €
2-5514-2-amx-etl.png AMX4/6M Safety switch stand alone 101,00 €
2-5514-2-amx-etl.png AMX4/12M Safety switch stand alone 109,00 €
2-5514-2-amx-etl.png AMX5/3M Safety switch stand alone 101,00 €
2-5514-2-amx-etl.png AMX5/6M Safety switch stand alone 110,00 €
2-5514-2-amx-etl.png AMX5/12M Safety switch stand alone 117,00 €
2-5514-2-amx-etl.png AMX5/MKT Safety switch stand alone 123,00 €
2-3967-2-amx5oxnoul.png AMX5/OX/3M Safety switch stand alone 221,00 €
2-3967-2-amx5oxnoul.png AMX5/OX/6M Safety switch stand alone 229,00 €
2-3967-2-amx5oxnoul.png AMX5/OX/12M Safety switch stand alone 236,00 €
2-3967-2-amx5oxnoul.png AMX5/OX/MKT Safety switch stand alone 250,00 €
2-6659-2-2-3204-2-antom78s-m12.png AMX5 CM12 Safety switch stand alone 107,00 €
2-5514-2-amx-etl.png AMX4-12V/3M Safety switch stand alone 114,00 €
2-5514-2-amx-etl.png AMX4-12V/6M Safety switch stand alone 124,00 €
2-5514-2-amx-etl.png AMX4-12V/12M Safety switch stand alone 132,00 €
2-5514-2-amx-etl.png AMX5-NPN-3M Safety switch stand alone 117,00 €

Manuels d'utilisation des produits (en)

Datasheet AMX3MKT
Datasheet AMX3MKT
Datasheet AMX3
Datasheet AMX3
Datasheet AMX4-5/12V
Datasheet AMX4-5/12V
Datasheet AMX4-5
Datasheet AMX4-5
Datasheet AMX5MKT
Datasheet AMX5MKT
Datasheet AMX5C
Datasheet AMX5C
Datasheet AMX5N
Datasheet AMX5N
Manuel AMX
Manuel AMX
Dimensions (en)

Dimensions précises (en)

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