FZ 50 BITECH - New two-hand touchscreen & optical two-hand control IP69K technology

New two-hand control IP68

• Ergonomics / design / hygiene, easy cleaning
• Resistant to pressure washing: IP 68
• Dynamic press control of the hand approach to ensure the operator's alertness
• Support press synchronization under 500 ms in accordance with regulations
• Does not detect glass, plastic, water, organic matter, and objects in general
• Little space required
• Surface mounting, low overshoot, easy cleaning
• Polycarbonate material resistant to shocks, chemicals, and agro-environments
• State information by means of a green light ring
• Alertness interruption detection: fast flashing
• Internal fault detection: rotating LED ring
• External fault detection on the output contacts: LED ring in anti-clockwise rotation
• Rear fastening with PG42 nut

• Suitable for press control
• Reduction of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) according to the Machine Directive
• Superior productivity compared to mechanical button
• Detection of dynamic hand approach to maintain the operator's alertness
• NO and NC contact for compatibility with type IIIC according to EN 574
• This product can be combined with a COM3C controller
• KOB101T: Suitable for stainless steel ergonomic desks BX1 / BX2
• FZ-Bitech-50: Integrated installation on the machine tray, IP 68 on the front panel
• Indication of the button state through a three-sector multi-effect green light ring
• Connection terminal block with push-button 1.5 mm2 max


Technical specifications


Supply voltage : 20 VDC to 30 VDC
Standby current : 60 mA
Connections : Push-in connector for wire up to 1.5mm2
Light ring : Ring with 3 sectors
Contact specifications : 1 x NO and 1 x NC PNP / 50 mA OSSD type
Response time : 40ms
Risk period : 4 msec
Desynchronism : ~ 400 msec
Operating temperature : -25°C to +50°C.
Detection distance : about 20 mm (depends on skin/glove color)
Overall dimensions : D61.5 mm x 42.2 mm
Front sealing : IP 68 (+ seal/nut)
Back sealing : IP 40
Fastening : 1 x PG42 nut
Housing material : PC: HL3/R4 and M1/M2
Weight with packaging : ~170 gr
Starting from :
141,00 €


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FZ 50 BITECH Button for two-hand control 141,00 €
FZ 50 BITECH I 2 Button for two-hand control+ COM3C 470,00 €

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