Inductive safety proximity switch

Why a safety sensor?

Double-sided detection with inverted output.

Advantage :

  • Avoids unintentional triggering
  • Cable outlet control (crushing, connection)

Wiring diagram :

Sensing range4 mm +-10%
Sensing objectSteel 12x12x1
Supply voltageDC10-30V
Voltage drop<1.8V
load current<200mA
Repeat accuracy<2%
Switching frequency1000Hz
Leakage current<0.01mA
ProtectionReserse polarity protection, Short-circuit protection
Anbient temperature -25°C +70°c, Storage -30°C +80°C
Anbient humidity48 to 85% RH (with no dew nor ice condensation), Storage 48 to 85% RH
Temperature variationMax +- 20% of an operation range at +23°C in -25°C to +70°C temperature range
Insulation ressitanceMin 50MOhm between the live parts and enclosure for 1 min 
Dielectric resistance1000V AC 50/60Hz applied between the lie parts and enclosure for 1 min
Vibration resistance1.5 mm amplitude at the frequence of 10 to 55 Hz in each of X,Y and Z direction for two hours each in the power state  
Shock resistance500 m/S (approx50G) impulse in each of X,Y and Z direction for 10 times in the power OFF state 
Protection classIP67 (IEC) 
House materialCuZnNI 
Sensing face materialPC 



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