UV-C Germicidal Disinfection Lamp

UV rays with a wavelength of 254nm are easily absorbed by organisms and act on the genetic material
DNA of the organism, causing the DNA to be destroyed and causing the death of bacteria. UV rays can concentratehigh intensity to kill bacteria and viruses in a short time. UV sterilization is a pure physical disinfection method without secondary pollution.UV rays can kill various bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, H1N1,higella-dysentery, Aspergillus flavus,protozoa, E. coli, infectious hepatitis, influenza, yeast (bacteria), etc.

Lamp action area 15 to 25 square meters




Widely use

uv lamp can be used in many places.Like bedroom, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, offices, factories,
public toilets, airports.etc

Safe to Use

This UV germicidal light has 360 degree Radar device, can automatically cut-off the power when sense
Living-thing move, and start working again after 15 seconds no sense any move. Avoid UV light to hurt people. The UV disinfection light has a 5-8 meter remote controller, even can control lights through the wall. It also has 3 gear timing (15/30/60 minutes) function and 15s delay timing, You could adjust different time to disinfection to meet your need.

Professional Disinfection

High-purity quartz glass tube means it's more durable, PVC flame-resistant material and open heat dissipation to a long life, not easy to age, safe insulation. 254 NM wavelength, 38 Watt. The UV and ozone emitted by the uv lamp will bring you double protection, high-power design to strengthen the disinfection capacity, 360 ° wide beam angle,sterilization rate of 99%.

Output Lamp power 38W
Light source UV quarz H-tube UVC lamp ,wave length:254nm
Alarm sound (TYPE) 70db
Input Working voltage 110-240VAC
Working current?TYPE? 0.18A@220V
Working frequency 50Hz/±5% 60Hz/±5%
Power factor >92%/220V
Efficiency >88%/220V
Standby power cost <1W
Inrush current Cold start:?25A
Protection Infrared human sensor sensitive distance About 3m
Human approach Turn off the UVC lamp
Start Delay 15 seconds
Function Timer 15/30/60 minutes settable
Start delay 15 seconds
UV radiation time Digital display
Start buzzer Bi (one time)
Stop buzzer Bi-Bi (twice)
Human approach Constant 30 seconds
Environment Working temperature -10°C~+50°C
Storage temperature and humidity -20°C~+65°C ,10~95%RH
Safety Standards IEC60335-1,IEC60335-2-65,EN61347-1 EN61347-2-3
Compressive strength Input to the outer casing:AC2500V/2mA/60S
Insulation resistance >100M Ohm
Protection level IP20
Others Product size Diameter 120*460mm
Package size (L*W*H) 143*143*482mm
Certificates CE, Intertek CTL, Rohs

Characteristics UVC germicidal disinfection lamp:

1 Wide working voltage 110 / 220VAC, suitable for all countries.

2 38W high power design, stronger sterilization power.

3 UV lamp with high quality quartz shell.

4 3pcs infrared human sensors are evenly panoramic distributed
   to prevent people or pets from being exposed to UV radiation.

5 Flexible setting of UV light radiation time, 15/30/60 minutes adjustable.

6 The buzzer sounds can help outside person to know the UVC lamp status: start , stop or pause by
   some human being or pets.

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