ANATOM - Non-autonomous contactless safety switch

Position control for doors / casings on hazardous machinery

Contactless coded electronic sensor
Total safety management with an AWAX controller
Low cost solution for multi-access applications
Level of performance with AWAX controller: up to PL = e
Safety category: up to 4 with an AWAX controller

Time before dangerous failure: MTTFd = 334 years

Max. activation distance: 10 mm, 2 mm hysteresis
Safety contacts/diagnostics: 2 x NO 0.8A max / redundant 24V / 1xcontact PNP 250mA
Detection encoding: mono-code inviolable
Indicator: LED indicates code recognition
Reset: automatic
Attachment: 4 tamper-proof M4 screws (optional ref: BH4)
Mounting position: 78S-98S, 78SMKT, 78SMKT130 versions:
2 (double wall brackets)

Mounting position: 78SM12 and 98SM12 versions: 1
Material: 78S-98S, 78SMKT, 78SMKT130:

Matierial for 78SM12, 78SESM12 and 98SM12 : polycarbonate (PC)
Electrical Connection: 3, 6, 12m cable (78S/98S) or 50cm cord with M12 connector (ref. + MKT) or 130cm cord with M12 connector
(ref. + MKT130) or M12 metal (ref. + M12)

Water resistance: IP 67/68 (PA6, PC) or IP 69K with stainless steel - new generation
Temperature: -25°C to +60°C
Marking: PA6 pad printing + serial no., PC pad printing + serial no., INOX316L laser engraving with mechanically punched serial no. for permanent traceability
Certification: UL 508 / C22.2 no.14 C-UL-US listed 34CB (file E214209)
(Not applicable for versions MKT and M12)


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ANATOM78S-485 :


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55,00 €


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  Ref Price Quantity  
33-9802-33-anatom78s.png ANATOM78S/3M 55,00 €
33-9802-33-anatom78s.png ANATOM78S/6M 65,00 €
33-9802-33-anatom78s.png ANATOM78S/12M 72,00 €
33-9802-33-anatom78s.png ANATOM78S/MKT 85,00 €
33-9802-33-anatom78s.png ANATOM78S MKT 1M30 86,00 €
33-4810-33-anatom78s-ox.png ANATOM78S OX/3M 143,00 €
33-4810-33-anatom78s-ox.png ANATOM78S OX/6M 152,00 €
33-4810-33-anatom78s-ox.png ANATOM78S OX/12M 162,00 €
33-4810-33-anatom78s-ox.png ANATOM78S OX/25M 234,00 €
33-4810-33-anatom78s-ox.png ANATOM78S OX/MKT 170,00 €
33-9802-33-anatom78s.png ANATOM98S/3M 60,00 €
33-9802-33-anatom78s.png ANATOM98S/6M 70,00 €
33-9802-33-anatom78s.png ANATOM98S/12M 77,00 €
33-9802-33-anatom78s.png ANATOM6S/3M 43,00 €
33-9802-33-anatom78s.png ANATOM6S/6M 51,00 €
33-9802-33-anatom78s.png ANATOM6S/12M 60,00 €
33-9802-33-anatom78s.png ANATOM6S/MKT 85,00 €
33-9802-33-anatom78s.png ANATOM78S-485-MKT220 123,00 €
33-9802-33-anatom78s.png ANATOM78S-485-MKT50 114,00 €
33-3146-33-antom78s-m12.png ANATOM78S M12 69,00 €
33-3146-33-antom78s-m12.png ANATOM98S M12 69,00 €
33-3146-33-antom78s-m12.png ANATOM78S SES M12 77,00 €
33-3146-33-antom78s-m12.png ANATOM78S SRM M12 77,00 €
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