AWAX 27XXL - Double safety relay - Double self-check box

Sensor controller on Acotom process / mechanical switches / emergency stops

Safety management in 2 zones in a compact 45 mm format

Short-circuit detection in 2 µs, self-resetting

Removable terminals


Performance level with AWAX controller: PL = e

Safety category: 4

Safety Integrity Level: SIL 3

Time before dangerous failure: MTTFd = 415 years

Cycle before dangerous failure: B10d=100,000 at 5A

Risk duration: 20 ms max.

Cable severing protection: yes (opening of safety lines)

Short-circuit and overload protection: yes, using DLC (opening of safety lines and current limiting in contacts)

Reaction 2 µs ultrafast

Safety contacts/diagnostics zone 1: 3x NO 8A/250V redundant / 1x NF 8A/250V redundant series

Safety contacts/diagnostics zone 2: 3x NO 8A/250V redundant / 1x NF 8A/250V redundant series

Indicators: 2 display LEDs per zone for diagnostics and 1 LED for power

Reset: configurable by dip-switch (SR=Automatic, N=manual)

Mounting: symmetrical DIN 35mm rail on DIN 50022

Mounting: IP 54 electrical box

Electrical connection: Maximum 14 AWG (2.08 mm²) / 250V minimum

Temperature: -20°C to +60°C

Certification: TÜV Rheinland 01/205/5168/11

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