SPEEDTRONIC N - Controls the zero speed of motors with unlock control

Zero speed control with lock release

Door unlocking control on motor shutdown
Detection of asynchronous motors stoppage without external sensor
Removable terminals
Performance level with AWAX controller: PL = e
Safety category: 4
  • Time before dangerous failure: MTTFd = 100 years
  • Cycle before dangerous failure: B10d=100,000 at 5A
  • Risk duration: approx. 2 to 7s adjustable at front
  • Persistence: approx. 20 mV to 700 mV adjustable front
  • Motor power: up to 3x690 VAC
  • Protection for severed wires: yes
  • Protection against disconnection of motor coiling: yes
  • Safety contacts: 3x NO 8A/250V redundant
  • Diagnostics: 1x NF 8A/250V redundant parallel.
  • 1 PNP "OK" output indicating motor coiling presence.
  • 1 PNP "ERROR" output indicating a synchronization malfunction.
  • 1 "RS" system reset input.
  • Indicators: 3 LEDs for diagnostics
  • Reset: automatic
  • Mounting: symmetrical DIN 35mm rail on DIN 50022
  • Mounting: IP 20 electrical box
  • Electrical connection: Maximum 14 AWG (2.08 mm²) / 250V minimum
  • Temperature: -20°C to +60°C
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