XRS485 - Card access control with RFID

Card access control with RFID encoding and traceability

RFID sensor with 16 million codes
Lock control and "burglar" alarm
Supervision, traceability via PC, RS485 network and output contacts
  • Life cycle: 20 years
  • Max activation distance: up to 45 mm
  • Contact/diagnostics: 1 x 1.8A PNP timed 5s/2 x 100mA PNP
  • Alarm 1 (120s failure to close) and 2 (30s breaking open)
  • Detection encoding: inviolable multicode
  • Indicator: LED indicates code recognition
  • Reset: automatic
  • Attachment: 4 tamper-proof M4 screws (in base option: BH4)
  • Mounting position: 1
  • Electrical Connection: 50cm PUR cable with M12 connector
  • Sealing: IP 67
  • Temperature: -20 °C to +60 °C
  • Marking: pad printing + serial number for traceability
  • Options: - Software for real-time monitoring with openings traceability via PC (ref MDB13-SP.)
  • - Software programming of badges and network configuration (ref MDB13-PR.)
  • - Automatic network connection (LKS485): up to 8 cascading boxes and 4 readers per box or 32 readers. Individual contact outputs on each box
  • - badge nail, screw, plate screw, key chain, card ... etc.
  • Application example: access to luxury showcases with lock control and traceability


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8-2541-8-xrs485.png XRS485-IAC-12V XRS485-IAC-12V 105,00 €
8-2541-8-xrs485.png XRS485-IAC-24V XRS485-IAC-24V 105,00 €
8-2541-8-xrs485.png XRS485-IBC-12V XRS485-IBC-12V 105,00 €
8-2541-8-xrs485.png XRS485-IBC-24V XRS485-IBC-24V 105,00 €
8-2541-8-xrs485.png XRS485-SAC-12V XRS485-SAC-12V 105,00 €
8-2541-8-xrs485.png XRS485-SAC-24V XRS485-SAC-24V 105,00 €
8-2541-8-xrs485.png XRS485-SBC-12V XRS485-SBC-12V 105,00 €
8-2541-8-xrs485.png XRS485-SBC-24V XRS485-SBC-24V 105,00 €

Manuels d'utilisation des produits (en)

Datasheet XRS485
Datasheet XRS485
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