Xorf-sa2 - rfid safety switch for rolling stock, on-board equipment

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Area of application / performance : Control of the position of the protection door Discriminating access control Self-learning RFID encoding key Unique customer code: on request Diagnostic output for PLC LED indicator with backlight High alignment tolerance: ~20 mm Compatible with metallic environment Cable output 50 cm or 220 cm PUR M12 8p overmolded Waterproof IP 67 PA6 housing resistant to washing with detergent Operating temperature : -25 °C ~ +60 °C Short circuit protection of outputs OSSD outputs: fraud and failure detection

Technical specifications : 

Power supply
10~30 VDC
Maximum consumption
max ~1 A with charges
Consumption without load
max 1W
12VDC : 45 mA
24VDC : 40 mA
Safety contact
2 contacts NO PNP : 500 mA
Diagnostic contact
1 contact NC PNP : 50 mA
Contact protection
Overcurrent detection
500 mA à 25 °C
365 mA à 60 °C
600 mA à -25 °C
Response time
Safety contact closure : 230ms
Opening of safety contacts : 270 ms
Red flashing LED: error (pulse 150 ms/period 5 s)
Fixed green LED: active position
Red LED fixed: position out of limit
LED orange steady: start
Flashing orange LED: no transmitter stored
Range / offset at 25 °C
Range: ~16-20 mm offset: +/- 14 mm
Operation : -25 °C ~ +60 °C
Storage : -40 °C ~ +85 °C
Protection class
Transmitter / Receiver IP 68
IP67 M12 connector (IP68 optional)
Cable bending
Radius 50 mm
Size L x P x H
Transmitter: 92.5 x 17 x 25 mm
Receiver: 92.5 x 25 x 25 mm
~170 gr.

Outputs (OSSD) : 

The outputs (OSSD) of the XORF-SA2 product have been designed to detect any failure:

- a short circuit between OUT1 and OUT2
- a ground or 0V connection between OUT1 or OUT2

or any fraud :

- a short-circuit between IN1 and OUT1 or OUT2
- a short-circuit between IN2 and OUT1 or OUT2
- a setting at positive potential of OUT1 or OUT2

Pulses are added to the outputs to perform the diagnostic functions. The pulse duration and period do not affect the control of inductive loads. If an indicator is controlled by one of the outputs OUT1 or OUT2, a slight flickering may be visible depending on the indicator technology used.


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