Opto2s - miniature safety switch

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Position control for doors / casings on hazardous machinery Contactless encoded electronic sensor with relay Category 3 total safety management without an external controller 12V version for embedded applications

  • Level of performance without an external controller: PL = c
  • Level of performance with AWAX controller: up to PL = e
  • Safety category without an external controller: 1
  • Cycle before dangerous failure: B10d = 2,000,000 at 50mA
  • Max. activation distance: 10 mm, 2 mm hysteresis
  • Safety contacts: 2 x NO 250 mA/48V redundant
  • Detection encoding: mono-code inviolable
  • Indicator: LED indicates code recognition
  • Reset: automatic
  • Attachment: 4 tamper-proof M3 screws (optional ref: BH3)
  • Mounting position: 2 (double wall brackets)
  • Material: PA6
  • Electrical Connection: 3, 6, 12m cable (UL2464 PVC)
  • Water resistance: IP 68
  • Temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Marking: pad printing + serial no. for traceability

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OPTO2S - Miniature safety Switch

AWAX 26XXL - Safety Relays - Self Check Box

OPTO2S - Miniature safety Switch

Transmitter OPTO2S


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