Xr530 - badge access control reader with rfid coding

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Card access control with RFID encoding RFID sensor with 16 million codes Lock control and two alarm levels Programmable code through auto-learning (no software or PC)


  • Switching cycle: B10 = 1 million
  • Max activation distance: XR 530P up to 25 mm
  • Contact/diagnostics: 1 x 1.8A PNP timed 5s/2 x 200m APNP
  • Alarm 1 (120s failure to close) and 2 (30s breaking open)
  • Duration of alarms editable upon request (XR530P, P1 ... P10)
  • Detection encoding: 16 million
  • Indicator: LED indicates code recognition
  • Optional erasing card to reassign new codes
  • Encoding of geographic location: (base + E1 to E10) Reset : automatic
  • Attachment: 4 tamper-proof M4 screws (in base option: BH4)
  • Mounting position: 2 (double wall brackets)
  • Material: PA6
  • Electrical Connection: 3, 6, 12m (UL2464 PVC)
  • Sealing: IP 67
  • Temperature: -25 °C to +70 °C.
  • Marking: pad printing + serial number for traceability
  • Option: badge nail, screw, plate screw, key chain, card ... etc.
  • Application example: access to luxury showcases with lock control

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7-7550-7-xr530.png XR530P2 €134.00 RFID PROG 2 BADGE READER
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7-7550-7-xr530.png XR530P3 €138.00 RFID PROG 3 BADGE READER
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